2017 Projects

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Al-Van Basco, Rogelio Novo,
Antonio Gobrin,
Mark Rabaya

Carlo Cachola


Health, Education and Livelihood-Mapping Environment

HEAL-ME will map the health condition of people according to gender and age in the urban area. This will help the local government better understand what health services and medical assistance is needed.

HEAL-ME will also map the education level of people in the urban area. This may help local government agencies better appreciate what training programs might be more applicable to a given area.

HEAL-Me will map work opportunities in the urban area for relevant training needs related to the job mapping. The local government can then more appropriately improve both the infrastructure and services to better facilitate the needs of that community.

Olivia Zhang,
Jadelin Nguyen,
Julia Zhu,
Huaqi Zhang,
Zedong Ding

Anson Zhao

Earth Viewer for the World Heritage Sites
Fei Tian Academy of the Arts, New York USA

New York’s Fei Tian Arts Academy – A World Bridge students are making a visit to any UNESCO World Heritage site as easy as it is informative. While viewing the Earth from space, all World Heritage sites are visible.  With just a click you zoom from a satellite view right to the World Heritage site, and easily access all the culturally rich information for that site.

As part of this effort, the students have carefully analyzed all the UNESCO World Heritage site data. By cross-checking with multiple quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) procedures, they have identified and corrected several location errors, where the site is not located where it is supposed to be.

Enjoy access to the World Heritage sites by continent, country and other criteria. Each World Heritage placemark is interactive, displaying a dialog box with a summary of site information, and links to the UNESCO website.


Ron Fortunato

City Smart - World Wise

CitySmart is a web app that visualizes the entire infrastructure for a city. All the power lines, water, sewer, communication and roads, etcetera, are mapped accurately including all databased information about each item, i.e., transmission pole, manhole cover, road location, etc.

Candan Eylul Kilsedar

Jakub Balhar

OSM Extrusion Adapter
Politecnico di Milano at Como

OSM Extrusion Adapter displays OpenStreetMap (OSM) data on NASA Web World Wind in three dimensions. The OSM data is fetched in real time based on a bounding box or a URL for OSM data and some keywords.

The adapter then using the relevant function extrudes the polygons present in the fetched data.

Additionally the project extracts the real heights of buildings using DSM data, uses various caching techniques to improve the performance, and tiles the data.

Using the the tiling implementation at hand, a new adapter is planned to be created to tile GeoJSON data.

Simone Battaglia

Gabriele Prestifilippo

Marker Clustering
Politecnico di Milano at Como

Universita di Bologna

Marker Clustering will provide a tool for managing multiple markers according to a variety of options.

Ankur Agrawal
Mayank Saurabh
Aitha Naga Sai Prasanth
Hemant Gautam
Ankita Makker

Rahul Tomar

GODAN FarmsNtech
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing

FarmsNtech will help farmers by providing awareness of weather pattern. This will help to maximize the crop yield, and in the case of adverse conditions, help to limit crop loss.

This web app will analyze the weather patterns and provide results specific to the region of interest, based on farmer’s location. 

The FarmsNtech project will:

  1. Guide the farmers throughout the process of growing any particular crop, i.e., suggest the ideal time for soil preparation, sowing of seeds, irrigation and harvesting.
  2. Inform the farmer of climate conditions such as the onset of rainfall, amount and duration, expected dry season, wind, humidity etc.
  3. Share information with the farmers via SMS or WhatsApp.
  4. Inform the farmers of necessary activities such as plowing the field, soil testing, seed selection based on soil type and weather conditions.