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Solutions For A Sustainable World!

Projects Ready July 5, Judging Begins July 6!

Why the Europa Challenge?

The Europa Challenge provides the opportunity for the world's *best and brightest* to deliver sustainable solutions to the world community. Simply build a great application that serves the INSPIRE Directive and uses NASA's open source virtual globe technology, World Wind. And do this in a way that serves local, regional, national or international interests. This challenge is open to all on our home planet. See the 2014 Projects and 2013 Projects, China had one of the top teams both years.

The top four teams, two Professional Projects and two University Projects, will take home the NASA Europa Challenge crystal bull!

NWW bull

How to win?

There are two ways to win. One is as a University Project, and the other is as a Professional Project. Winners will be part of the plenary awards session at the FOSS4G Conference in lovely Como Italy! Two team members from each of the tops three teams who are present will receive complementary lodging, conference passes (Gala dinner not included) and the opportunity to present their project at the FOSS4G conference.  Plus, the top two teams in each category, University and Professional, will receive the crystal 'Europa Bull' award! And a few hundred Euros for the top two University teams! And of course NASA T-shirts.


University Project

Advance your career opportunities, build a great application that serves the INSPIRE Directive and uses NASA's open source virtual globe technology, World Wind. To do this you must first establish a team of three to five students, from a single university, with any mix of undergraduate, graduate and PhD students. Graduate students may enter as a single individual (there is *no team requirement for graduate students* but teams are still encouraged!). Each undergraduate team or graduate student must have a mentor. The mentor can be a professor, an associate or assistant professor, or an official lecturer at the same university as the team. Together they decide, design and build a spatial data application that serves local, regional, national or international interests guided by the INSPIRE Directive, http://inspire.jrc.ec.europa.eu/ or smeSpire.

Professional SME Project

Same criteria as above only there is no limit on team members or any mentor requirement. This is a great opportunity to showcase your company’s talents, while providing premier value to the European community. And in the process, have some brilliant fun!


Propose your project now! Use the "Challenge 2015" tab to accept the challenge. The deadline to make your project website and code available to the world is July 5. Part of the final submission will be a three-minute video that describes and shows your app in action!

The flyer

Download the World Wind Europa Challenge flyer

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